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Installation is not required. Just extract and run IconMaker.exe.


Create image files for the various icon sizes you want to embed in your .ico file using whatever graphics application you want. For best results, save them to a format with an alpha channel, such as PNG. Drag the image files into Icon Maker's window and verify that they are all displayed correctly. Save the icon using the File->Save Icon... option from the menu. Make sure the icon is displayed correctly in Explorer.


Icon Maker won't import my image.
Make sure it is saved in one of the supported formats (PNG, GIF, BMP, JPG) and its width and height are exactly the same number of pixels. If you can't save it into one of these formats, you can try pasting it from the clipboard instead.

I saved over an icon, but Explorer keeps displaying the old one.
Explorer caches icons. If you rename the file, you will see the new image. Logging off and logging back on or restarting Explorer will also clear the icon cache.

I get a message about the application configuration being incorrect when I try to run Icon Maker.
You need to install .NET 3.5.

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